What is the RUECVET project all about 2 ?

What is the RUECVET project all about ?

The project is positioned to pilot the implementation of European Credit Transfer System for VET (ECVET) in the national HE&VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan by creating a long-term platform on the base of acknowledged HEIs engaged in the training of VET teachers for post-secondary non-tertiary education level.

What is the key idea of the project?

The key idea of the project is to focus the study of theoretical bases of functioning of ECVET and mastering of practical experience in Program Countries on the necessity of Russia and Uzbekistan to have the compatible and comparable VET system that serves both horizontally (within VET) and vertically (from VET to HE) at national and transnational level. The basic ECVET features such as learning outcomes, credit transfer, etc. will be tested and adapted to legislative rules of the Partners Countries; results of the projects will be submitted to national Ministries of Education for approval and further implementation.

Who can be potential beneficiaries of the project?

  • HE & VET institutions.
  • Teachers & managers.
  • VET facilitators (instructors, trainers) & VET learners.
  • Education Policy Makers and the educational community and society at large in Russia and Uzbekistan.


What are the project objectives?

  • To create a set of recommended tools and procedures for adopting the ECVET system in HE & VET institutions in Russia and Uzbekistan.
  • To raise awareness about the benefits of the ECVET system through a number of highly targeted dissemination and exploitation activities centering around the development of four National ECVET Labs/Training Centres (2 in Russia and 2 in Uzbekistan) established on the base of acknowledged HEIs providing VET teacher training. ECVET Training Centre – RSVPU
  • To develop a network of national and transnational key HE & VET institutions for facilitating and supporting the implementation of the ECVET system in Russia and Uzbekistan.
  • To train VET teachers and other key stakeholders regarding the use and benefits of ECVET.
  • To create a collection of resources and training materials intended to support the National Training Centres and stakeholders for the transfer and implementation of the ECVET system in Russia and Uzbekistan.
  • To develop the multi-dimensional roadmap (policy report) of ECVET evolution in Russia and Uzbekistan.


Project consortium

EU partners: University of Nicosia & Intercollege, Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, Liepajas Universitate.

Russian partners: Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University, Tver State University, Voronezh State University (VSU), Novosibirsk College of Chemical Technologies after D.I. Mendeleev (NCCT), Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK).

Uzbekistan partners:  Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Ajiniyaz (NukSPI), Navoi State Pedagogical Institute (NSPI), Kokand State Pedagogical Institute (KSPI).

Team of Voronezh State University (VSU)