National Training Center RUECVET NCCT

The main purpose of the National Training Center is to provide advisory services and methodological support on the implementation of the European credit system ECVET in VET training in the Russian Federation.

The objectives of the NTC are how to apply ECVET principles to VET qualifications at all levels and how to adapt professional competency to comply more with labor market demands.

Our Center offers a CPD course for VET teachers, trainers and administrators, which relates to a range of issues pertaining to VET teacher/trainer education. It includes a specific focus on program design and delivery, and builds on the experience of VET training in using qualifications frameworks and in applying ECTS principles in academic practice.

The course: “Designing VET study programs applying the European credit system ECVET”

NQF: 6

Credits: 180 hrs -5 credits

Type of training: part-time

Course Aims:

  • Assess the regulatory framework for the application of ECVET in VET training
  • Conduct a functional analysis of qualifications according to the RUECVET methodology
  • Evaluate the learning outcomes actually required in line with ECVET
  • Encourage students’ academic mobility

Our classroom

The classroom is comfortable to learn courses for 20 attendees at a time. Each workplace in the laboratory is equipped with a stationary PC.  Other smart facilities are available.

Quality Assurance

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National Training Centre RUECVET NCCT is located in Novosibirsk College of Chemical Technologies named after D.I. Mendeleev. The Centre is managed by the Educational Services College Department.

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