Inna Ponomareva

Head of International Education Programs Department of MIIGAiK


Tel. +7499 267 35 54

 Inna Ponomareva is a Head of International Education Programs Department of MIIGAiK. She is a manager of ERASMUS+ projects in MIIGAiK and has a large experience in administration of Tempus and Erasmus+ projects, such as 530690-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-PL-TEMPUS-SMHES “Elaboration of Qualification Framework for Land Management Studies at Russian Universities”;  530838 “Independent Quality Assurance model for degree programmes in Russia”;  543727 “On-line Quality Assurance of Study Programmes”; 544202 “Developing Intra-and Entrepreneurial Competences through Entrepreneurship Education and Start-up Consultancy” ; 544405 “Validation of non-formal/informal learning in Russian Higher Education”; 561603 “Establishment of Centers for Competence and Employability Development”; 574097 “Piloting ECVET to the National VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan”; 574056 “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development”; 573555 “University – enterprise cooperation via spin-off companies network”
Aliya Myrsalieva


Department of international educational programs, MIIGAiK


Tel. +7925 554 47 54


Aliya Myrsalieva is a specialist in the International education programs department of the MIIGAiK. She is responsible for the implementation of existing Erasmus+ projects of MIIGAiK. Also, Aliya is preparing analytical, methodological and content reports, coordinates external activities of the department. Aliya has strong analytical, writing and drafting skills; Knowledge of and experience in the project cycle management; Knowledge of and skills in the preparation of tender documents; strong knowledge of educational issues, proven knowledge of vocational and technical education issues, good knowledge of local community support approaches, good knowledge of social, labour and employment aspects, good knowledge of development of curriculums, occupational standards and its package, good knowledge of sustainable development issues, international project experience (European Commission, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Training Foundation,  and others), also in the expert capacity; International relations analyst; educational specialist; Interpreter from Russian into English and Spanish and v.v.


Maria Kulkova

Leading specialist of Educational Department of Moscow State University of geodesy and cartography (MIIGAiK)


tel: +7 (499)4041220  (1932)


Maria Kulkova graduated from the faculty of applied cosmonautics of the Moscow state University of geodesy and cartography in 1999. Maria Kulkova worked as Deputy Dean of the faculty оf applied cosmonautics. Nowadays, Maria is a leading specialist of the MIIGAiK Training Department.

Maria’s field of activity include the control of the development and implementation of basic and working curricula, monitoring the quality of programs of academic disciplines, the development of technologies for the evaluation and development of students ‘ competencies.

Maria Kulkovaconducts methodological work and provides in-service training for teachers. Maria takes an active part in the international activities of MIIGAiK. She is a member of the University team of two projects “Piloting ECVET to the national VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan / RUECVET” and COMPLETE project.


Oksana Voskresenskaya

Deputy Director on methodical work of MIIGAiK College of Surveying and Mapping


Tel.: + 7 906 715 39 01


Deputy Director on methodical work of MIIGAiK College of Surveying and Mapping. Mrs. Voskresenskaya work in College is carried out as the Head of Methodical and Pedagogical Council. In this Council Teaching staff of the College develops a methodical provision of the Basic professional educational programs of VET on all College specialties of the main directions of methodical work in College: exemplary writing and working programs of disciplines, professional modules, training and work practices; writing of methodical developments: the implementation of practical work, in organization of independent work of students, for students of the correspondence Department, for the implementation of the course and diploma projects, conducting training and professional practices; to create a Fund of assessment tools of academic disciplines, interdisciplinary courses, and examinations (qualification); preparation of the educational-methodical complex, academic disciplines, and interdisciplinary courses and their sections; the guidance of an experienced research and creative activities of students; the organization and carrying out of open lessons; conducting group work; preparation of articles for publication in the media.