National ECVET Training Center in Kokand State Pedagogical Institute

In order to achieve the objectives of the project, advanced training courses were organized at the training center established at the Kokand State Pedagogical Institute. Courses are conducted in accordance with a training program developed by national and international experts.

Course “Application of the European system of credit units ECVET in vocational education and training”

Form of training: audience, online

Received documents: certificate of professional development

The purpose of the course: informing and strengthening the prospects for using the European Credit System (ECVET) system in vocational education in Uzbekistan.

Course description: the program is aimed at providing methodological support to the implementation of the ECVET credit system in the vocational education system of Uzbekistan. This course is developed taking into account national legislation, European standards for the European framework of qualifications and rules for the implementation of ECVET.

 Learning outcomes: at the end of the course, the student will be able to 

LO 1. Define the legal framework for the application of ECVET in the national NGO system

LO 2. Perform a functional analysis of qualifications according to the RUECVET method

LO 3. Identify and evaluate learning outcomes in the context of ECVET

LO 4. Promote the mobility of students and teachers in NGOs.

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Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Ferghana region, Kokand, st. Turon 23, Kokand State Pedagogical Institute, Building of Information Resources, 1st floor, left. Door with the logo of the project and Erasmus +.