National Training Center ECVET in KSPI

Training Center consists of 2 rooms with a total area of 60 m2 and wireless internet.•      Conference room – area 40 m2•      Training room – area 20 m2 Conference room is assigned for online video/audio conferences and presentations. It is equipped with necessary devices as video conference camera with a speakerphone, projector with a screen, presenter, printers, acoustic system with 2 microphones, notebook and 2 magnet marker boards for demonstration. Capacity of the conference room is 35 persons and there is all necessary furniture in it.


 Courses are conducted in accordance with a training program developed by national and international experts.

Course “Application of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) in national VET system”

Form of training: audience, online

Received documents: certificate of professional development

The purpose of the course: informing and strengthening the prospects for using the European Credit System (ECVET) system in vocational education in Uzbekistan based on the specialty chosen by the student.

Course description: the program is aimed at providing methodological support to the implementation of the ECVET in the vocational education system of Uzbekistan.

Learning Outcome (LO) Work Activity (WA)
LO1. Defining the legal framework for the use of ECVET in the national VET system WA 1 — Analyzing the principles and directions of using ECVET in the international experience of VET

WA 2 — Defining the legal framework for the development of curricula for VET in the context of ECVET

WA 3 — Determination of the necessary documentation for the development of the curriculum for the chosen specialty and qualification requirements in the context of ECVET

LO  2.     Performing a functional analysis of qualifications according to the RUECVET methodology WA 4 — Data collection for the functional analysis of qualification requirements in cooperation with employers

WA 5 — Bringing the content of qualifications in line with the national qualifications system

WA 6 — Functional Qualifications Map Development

LO  3. Definition and evaluation of learning outcomes in the context of ECVET WA 7 — Definition of learning outcomes based on a functional analysis of qualifications

WA 8 — Building the content of learning outcomes using Bloom’s taxonomy

WA 9 — Development of a block of learning outcomes on the ECVET system

LO  4. Promoting the mobility of students and teachers in VET WA 10 — Distribution of test blocks by structural elements of the program in order to organize student mobility

WA 11 — Identification of ECVET mechanisms for VET mobility by specific qualifications / specialties

WA12 – Development of a document on personal achievements under the ECVET methodology within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and educational agreements

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