Final Conference

Final Conference “Implementation of European best practices in higher and vocational education and training” will be held in the period of May 14th-16th at Moscow State university of geodesy and cartography (MIIGAiK) in the framework of Erasmus+ projects:
-“Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development” (SUSDEV)
-“Piloting ECVET to the National VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan (RUECVET).

The objectives of the Final Conference are:

-Dissemination of the achieved results and developments of both projects: SUSDEV and RUECVET

-Experience exchange between stakeholders, beneficiaries and policy makers

-Capacity building of the teaching and administrative staff in green skills and ECVET methodology application

-Application of European practices and procedures in education system

– Discussion of the future developments of achieved results by SUSDEV and RUECVET projects in partner countries: Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Uzbekistan

The final conference will be attended by the European and Russian experts and policy makers in the field of secondary vocational and higher education.