Aims and objectives

        The overall aim of the project is to create a long-term platform for piloting ECVET in the national HE &VET systems of the two Partner Countries (Russia &Uzbekistan), in order to promote and facilitate compatibility, comparability and complementarity of VET qualifications both horizontally (within VET) and vertically (from VET to HE) at national and transnational level.



  • The first specific aim of the project is to create tools and procedures of adopting ECVET in HE & VET Institutions of Russia and Uzbekistan

  • The second specific aim is to raise awareness about the benefits of the ECVET features through a number of highly target dissemination and exploitation activities by means of four (4) ECVET National Training Centres (2 in Russia and 2 in Uzbekistan) established on the base of acknowledged HEIs providing VET teacher training.


The project also aims


The project implementation will thus center around the following activities.

  • To facilitate and support the transfer and adaption of the ECVET to the national educational system of the two Partner Countries through a specific set of Recommendations/Methodological Tools based on pilot testing results.

  • To develop a network of key HE & VET institutions on the base of four National ECVETTraining Centres and to train its personnel and teachers.

  • To train VET teachers and other representatives of all target groups to use ECVET.

  • To create collection of resources, teaching materials, notes, stories and references intended to support National Training Centres and sponsors in convening and running Open Space Technology for accumulation and dissemination.

  • To develop a common approach for a common assessment and validation process for credit transfer at national and transnational level following the ECVET methodology.

  • To develop the multi-dimensional roadmap of ECVET evolution in Russia and Uzbekistan

  • To approve activities, methods and results by national Ministries of Education