National ECVET Training Center at TvSU


The main objectives of the Training Center are to ensure network interaction with national and transnational contact points of ECVET of Russia, Uzbekistan and European partners of the RUECVET Project, as well as to provide advisory services to educational organizations at various levels on the implementation of the ECVET system.

The Center’s activities are aimed at studying the experience of the European Union in introducing the ECVET credit system, experimental and methodological support for introducing the ECVET credit system in vocational education and training in the Russian Federation.

The objectives of the Center are:

  • strengthening and developing international cooperation in the field of vocational education and training;
  • assistance in the implementation of the ECVET system in vocational education and training organizations;
  • creating a mechanism for coordinating the interests of all subjects of the labor market and the market of educational services;
  • development of a system of additional educational services for the study, testing and implementation of ECVET;
  • training of trainers-consultants on ECVET on off-line and on-line courses.

The center provides the following free services:

– providing information on ECVET theory, policy and practice;

– on-line training in ECVET;

– contact training in ECVET methodology;

– providing advice and recommendations on the implementation of ECVET;

Over the 3 years of the implementation of the RUECVET project, experts of the Center have provided advice and trained more than 200 teachers of vocational education in Russia on the implementation of ECVET in VET.

Course “Application of the European system of credit units ECVET in vocational education and training” 

Form of study: classroom (full-time), mixed (part-time), online (based on Canvas LMS)

Credit units: 180 hours – 5 credit units.

Received documents: Certificate of professional development in the amount of 180 hours

The purpose of the course: to use the European system of credit units (ECVET) in vocational education and training (VET) of Russia and Uzbekistan on the example of the qualification chosen by the student.

    Learning Outcomes (LO)                        Work Actions (WA)
LO 1. Define the regulatory framework for the application of ECVET in the national VET system WA 1 – Analyze the principles and directions of using ECVET in the international practice of POO

WA 2 – Define the legal framework for the development of a VET educational program in the context of ECVET

WA 3 – Identify the documents required to develop an educational program for a specific qualification in the context of ECVET

LO 2. Conduct a functional analysis of qualifications according to the RUECVET methodology WA 4 – Collect data to conduct a functional analysis of qualifications in conjunction with employers

WA 5 – Update qualification content in accordance with the national qualifications system

WA 6 – Develop a functional qualification map

LO 3. Define and evaluate learning outcomes in the context of ECVET WA 7 – Determine the learning outcomes based on the functional analysis of qualifications

WA 8 – Design the content of learning outcomes using Bloom’s taxonomy

WA 9 – Develop a block of learning outcomes in accordance with the ECVET system

LO 4. Facilitate the access of students and teachers to mobility in VET WA 10 —Distribute credit units according to the structural elements of the program in order to organize student mobility

WA 11 – Identify ECVET mechanisms for mobility in VET for a selected qualification

WA 12 – Compile Samples of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Learning Agreement, and Personal Achievement Document under the ECVET Methodology

The advanced training program is aimed at methodological support of the introduction of the ECVET credit system in secondary vocational education and training in the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan.

This course is intended for leaders and teachers of the VET system in accordance with national legislation and European norms and rules for implementing ECVET and applying the European Qualifications Framework.

After completing the training, students will be able, as ECVET experts, to implement the ECVET system in VET organizations.

Learning Organization Options

1) on the basis of the Training Center ECVET TvSU;

2) on the basis of professional educational organizations;

3) an online course, using the Canvas LMS system managed by the ECVET Training Center of TvSU.

You can find a description of the full course on ECVET implementation after registration in the Canvas LMS system.

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Quality assurance
The staff of the ECVET Training Center of Tver State University adhere to the principles of ensuring the university’s quality management system and follow all the procedures necessary to ensure the quality of the educational services and consultations provided.Адрес

The ECVET Training Center at TvSU is a structural unit of the Institute of teacher education and social technologies of TvSU.

Location of the Center: 24, 2nd Griboedova street,  building No. 9, Tver, 170021, Russia

Our audience

The class is adapted for training in courses using equipment purchased with money from the Erasmus + grant as part of the RUECVET project, namely 20 stationary workstations for PCs. Other useful hardware is available.


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