Training centers

ECVET Training Centers in Russia and Uzbekistan

 What is an ECVET Training Center?

Within the framework of the RUECVET Erasmus+ CBHE project, four ECVET Training Centers have been created (2 in Russia and 2 in Uzbekistan) with the aim of providing practical support to the Universities and VET Colleges in Russia and Uzbekistan in order to study, experiment, practice and facilitate the implementation of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET)  within the VET area in these two countries.

The four ECVET Training Centers will serve as a phyiscal and on-line knowledge and information centers on ECVET while providing targeted advisory and training services to a range of target groups. To implement these goals, the national contact representatives of the Training Centers will be especially prepared (trained) during the implementation of the RUECVET project to provide expert support and services. Thus, the Training Centers will serve as the ECVET / ECTS laboratories for the development and wide dissemination of the ECVET methodology in Russia and Uzbekistan.

What are the main activities of the ECVET Training Centers in Russia and Uzbekistan?

During the RUECVET project period (15.10.2016-15.10.2019), the Training Centers, will primarily serve as central hubs of knowledge and information. In the second half of the project, a list of training courses will be offered through the training centers both physically and on-line.

The ECVET Training Centers will be gradually poistioned to offer the following services:

  • On-line Knowledge Center
    • A repository of key resources adressing ECVET theory, policy and practices
  • On-line training in the ECVET methodology
  • In-class training in the ECVET methodology
    • Workshops and training on ECVET
  • Direct contact
    • ECVET facilitators can be contacted for free advise and guidance on ECVET

All services will be provided for Free during the implementation of the RUECVET project.

 Who can benefit from the ECVET Training Centers?

Any group or individual interested in understanding the European tool for Credit Transfer within the Vocational Educational and Training area, ECVET – would be able to benefit from the services of these Training Centers.

Potential target groups are:

  • Teaching staff of universities and vocational colleges interested in ECVET
  • Vocational educational programmes, faculty, students etc.
  • VET Trainees
  • Administrative staff in vocational and training institutions
  • National & Government Agencies working in the VET & HE area
  • VET & HE Policy Makers
  • Qualification Agencies
  • Labour representatives
  • Professional associations etc.

 What facilities do the Training Centers offer?

Each Traning Center is equipped with a modern computer lab – funded by the Erasmus+ CBHE RUECVET project – available for in classroom and on-line training.

Each Training Center – is independently operated under the auspices of the Higher Education institution in which it resides. The institute’s management is responsible for the operayions of the Center as well as for the safety, proper state and intended use of the equipment during the project period and subsequent years.

 What is the expected life span of the Training centers?

The institute’s management is responsible for ensuring the effective operation of the Training Center during the life span of the project and for at least 3 years after the end of project (until September 2021), during which the Training Centers will monitored by the EACEA and the Erasmus + National Offices.

 Where are the ECVET Training Centers located?


Filled in forms for RSVPU and VSU

Organization Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University
Office 0-122
Mashinostroitelei, 11
Key Contact (name, title)
Prof. Vitaly Kopnov
Tel. +79221455501
Organization Tver State University
Zhelyabova st, 33. Tver, 170100, Russia
Key Contact (name, title)
Tamara Golubeva
Tel. +7-904-028-41-36
Organization Novosibirsk chemical-technological college in the name of Mendeleev
Sadovaya st, 26. Novosibirsk, Russia
Key Contact (name, title)
Dr.Elena Sartakova
Tel. +7-383-266-00-44


Organization Nukus State Pedagogical institute named after  Ajiniyaz
#b/n, P.Seitov street, Nukus, Uzbekistan, 203000
Key Contact (name, title)
Dr.Asiya Tureniyazova
Tel. +99890 6545445
Organization Kokand State Pedagogical Institute
23, Turon  str, Kokand, Uzbekistan
Key Contact (name, title)
Mrs Akhmadalieva Sabo
Tel. +998906286966