Transnational Meetings & Workshop Schedule


  Meeting Host Partner / Chair Host City/Country Total Agenda Days Month Proposed DD/MM/YY Status
1. 1st Kick-Off Meeting & 3-day ECVET Transfer Workshop / Introduction to ECVET / MCAST ECVET Case Study Host:  UNIC (P1)



Nicosia / Cyprus 5 (max 6 overnight stays) M2




27/03/2017 – 31/03/2017

2. 2nd SC & TC Meeting & 3-day Learning Outcomes/Curriculum Mapping Workshop Host: KSPI




5 (max 6 overnight stays) M8



11/09/2017 – 15/09/2017 Implemented
3. 3rd SC & TC Meeting & 3-day ECVET workshop Host:   IEPU (P3) Liepaja/


5 (max 6 overnight stays) M14 22/04/2018


4. 4th SC & TC Meeting & 3-day ECVET workshop Host: TSU


Tver/Russia 5 (max 6 overnight stays) M20 10/07/2018


5. 5th SC & TC Meeting & 3-day ECVET workshop Host: NukSPI (P9) Nukus/


5 (max 6 overnight stays) M26 06/11/2018


6. 6th SC & TC Meeting & 3-day ECVET workshop Host: MCAST (P3) Valetta/


5 (max 6 overnight stays) M32 08.04.2019 –


7. 7th SC & TC Meeting & ECVET Policy Conference Host: MIIGAiK (P8) Moscow/


5 (max 6 overnight stays) M36 To Be Implemented

Rules and Regulations:

  • All transnational meetings will be combined with ECVET workshops for a total duration of 5 days.
  • In all transnational meetings the EU partners (Cyprus, Malta, Latvia) will participate with 2 members only.
  • In all transnational meetings Russian & Uzbekistan partners will participate with 3 members (2 technical members & 1 administrator OR 3 technical members following the agreement with coordinator).
  • The project coordinator will be responsible for the meeting agenda and chairing the meeting.
  • The host partner will be responsible for:
    • Sending information about travel and recommended accommodation.
    • Hosting and organizing the meeting logistics. The host must provide meeting space/working space to accommodate the whole group 35 people plus.
    • Keeping meeting Minutes.
    • Scheduling some cultural events/sightseeing etc.
  • All partners must make best effort to attend the meetings for the full duration and with the approved number of people.
  • All attendees must participate in the meetings fully prepared to work on project deliverables and present the progress of their work according to the meeting agenda.

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