RUECVET- Newsletter Guidelines & Action Plan

RUECVET- Newsletter Guidelines & Action Plan


  • We need to produce 5 newsletters over the course of the project.
  • Newsletters consist of a series of articles (5 to 6) each focusing on a different topic according to the project phase.
    • Articles should be written in english and translated in RU & UZ by the respective partners.
    • Articles should be kept short (not long academic papers) and follow where possible a Q & A format. E.g. What is the RUECVET project all about? What is ECVET?
    • Recommended articles include: relevant ECVET concepts, RUECVET methodology, interviews with VET instructors, stakeholders, policy makers, HE & VET institutions, summary reports, recommendations etc.
    • Each article – where possible- should be accompanied by a visual image: photo, image, diagram etc.
  • All partners should contribute to the development of the newsletters by undertaking the writing of articles in an area they lead or they have expertise.
  • Role of the newsletter coordinator:
    • Introduce the topic /newsletter concept / Assign articles to partners
    • Review/ proofread/ edit all articles / Make sure newsletter goes out on time
    • Coordinate the release of the newsletter with the webmaster
  • Webmaster: Asiya Ibragimovna


No. Month Coordinators Recommended Topic Articles
1st October 2017


RSVPU (P4) & KSPI(P11)


·         Introducing RUECVET (VSU)

·         Introducing ECVET (NSPI)

·         Introducing RUECVET operating methodology (UNIC)

·         Why functional analysis is needed (RSVPU)

·         How to create units of learning outcomes within Russian legislation environment (TSU)

·         What is Russian National Qualification System (NCTC)

2nd April


VSU(P6) & NSPI (P10)


3rd October 2018 TSU(P5) & NCTC(P8) & NukSPI (P10)


4th April




5th September 2019 RSVPU (P4) & KSPI(P11) ·         Moscow Conference