Press release 1

Monitoring visit to RSVPU

The integral evaluation of the RUECVET project by June 2017 sounds as “in terms of project management, the necessary arrangements are in place”. This evaluation was received on June 27, 2017, when the monitoring visit of the Moscow National Erasmus + Office was held in RSVPU, Ekaterinburg. NEO Expert Dr Anna Muraveva had the opportunity to visit our Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University and discuss the progress of activities with representatives of the Tver State University and Liepaja University.

In more details, the Moscow officer noted that the project management bodies had been set up and coordination meetings took place regularly via e-mail, skype, commom cloud space Dropbox etc. Minutes of the kick-off meeting were available, a quality plan had been produced as well as a Financial Guide to help with financial management. The working groups had been established at each partner university and the responsibilities for Work Packages had been defined. Moreover, there seemed to be an enthusiastic attitude among project participants and an open and democratic working atmosphere. As far as dissemination was concerned, the officer noted that a dissemination strategy was in place and the project’s visual identity had been defined.

In addition to receiving positive assessments, a rather long list of advice was received on possible improvements of the quality of the project’s deliverables.

We’d like to thank Moscow NEO for this valuable contribution to the project.