Nukus State Pedagogical Institute

1Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Ajiniyaz (NukSPI), the oldest Higher Education University in the region, was established in 1934. It was named after Ajiniyaz, the distinguished philosopher of the Aral Coast Area of the middle of the ХIХ-th century and one of the classics of the Karakalpak poetry. The main objective of the institute is preparation of pedagogical and vocational training personnel for continuing education system. Plenty of the local authorities, distinguished education workers, workers of the national economy, culture and science used to study at different periods of time at NukSPI. Its graduates live today in different regions of Uzbekistan, in neighbouring Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and in other republics of Central Asia and of the whole post-Soviet area having made a big contribution in upbringing the younger generation of their society. The Institute is very proud of its honoured graduates – 6 academicians and 5 Heroes of Uzbekistan.

The educational process in NSPI is based on a multi-level system. 9 faculties of the Institute are involved in training of the highly qualified teaching personnel in 20 fields of baccalaureate and in 8 specializations of master’s degree.

The scholars of the Institute are engaged in research work in the fields of history, archaeology and ethnic culture of the Karakalpak people, its folklore and literary heritage. Besides, they study the reason and consequences of the Aral Sea disaster and develop scientific methods of improving the ecological and social-economic situation in the region.

The Institute has all necessary conditions to train new generation of teaching personnel:

 – the qualified professorial-teaching staff consisting of 1 academician; 17 doctors and professors, 147 candidates and docents. They are known as the state grant recipients, distinguished scholars and education system workers, laureates of state awards and professionals awarded with medals for achievements   in the sphere of education;

– material-technical base meeting the requirements of the up-to-date higher school; scientific and academic laboratories, Internet rooms, lingua-phone rooms, multi-media equipment, information resource center.

For implementation of the state program for innovative cooperation among all steps of the continuing education system, our institute provides methodical assistance to teachers of kindergartens, schools, vocational training colleges. In the framework of this program, on the basis of branches of the relevant departments, organized at the secondary special and vocational training colleges, pedagogical staff of our institute works with 42 vocational training colleges and 8 academic lyceum of the republic of Karakalpakstan.  Annually our institute participates on exhibitions of innovative ideas and projects, conferences on problems of the continuing education as well as in expertise of the state educational standards.