Dr. Asiya Tureniyazova

Associated Professor


Tel: +(99890) 6545445

 Contact person for EU programs for HE at NukSPI.

The local coordinator for “Piloting ECVET to the national VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan/RUECVET” project and manager of “University as a key partner of NETwork for vocational educational training centers of Middle Age Generation in Uzbekistan/MAGNET”project.

Proficient in Web Design, using ICT in teaching and development of CBT.

She has strong knowledge of educational issues, participated in development of normative documents for VET and HE, managed the corporative partnership among HE&VET institutions.

Experienced teacher on part-time base atVET teachers training institute. Head of Pedagogical Mastery School in Karakalpakstan.

She has strong analytical and communication skills, experienced in design and management of projects for educational and community institutions.

Dr. Tajieva Aliya Utebaevna

Head of Department, PhD

Telephone: +9989(1)3056788

Email: aliya_tazhieva


Since 1995  has been working at a higher educational establishment.Now, she is a head of Foreign Languages Department at Nukus State Pedagogical Institute.She is a PhD on Pedagogy and author of more than 50 articles and 10 books on methodology of teaching foreign languages. Worked in English Reform project PreSETT (Pre- Service English Teacher Training), Reforming ESP and Designing Materials for ESP developed by British Council and a coauthor of the textbook “B2Ready”. In 2013 attended special professional development course in NILE-Norwich Institute for Language Education in United Kingdom.

As a head of department she works closely with the lyceum and vocational colleges staff.Developed syllabuses and handbooks for the teachers, published a textbook for the learners of lyceums.

She is a teacher trainer and work at Teacher training and Retraining centre under Karakalpak State University, involved to InSETT (In-Service Teacher Training) program as a trainer in Nukus State Pedagogical Institute teacher training centre.

She is responsible and hard working, always ready to help teachers in their professional development. She is a supervisor of two teachers in doing their research work on methodology of teaching foreign languages.


Borasheva Aybolgan Tugelbaevna




In 2001 I graduated with honors Karakalpak State University, bachelor degree, English department. Then in 2003 I finished studying for master’s degree in Uzbekistan State University of World Languages. Since then I have started my teaching career. Worked at UzSUWL in Tashkent, in JiangXiYuzhou College of Science and Technology in China, Nukus branch of Tashkent Pediatric Institute in Nukus.Since 2014 I have been working inNukus State Pedagogical Institute, at Department of Foreign languages, teaching ESP students.

Participating in different projects helps me to learn new things, to self-development and to meet new people. I am one of the coordinators of the project “Reviewing ESP curriculum and developing ESP syllabi”, member of “Accessing, Evaluating, and Applying Published Primary Research”, and trainer of the project ”  English language programme for English language teachers in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.


Dr. Babaniyazova Nargiza

Associated professor.


Tel: +99890 577 91 91

Babaniyazova Nargiza graduated with honors Nukus state pedagogical institute, bachelor degree in 2005. In 2007 she finished studying for master’s degree in Karakalpak state university. Then started her Teaching career in the secondary school #24. Later, scince 2010-2014, she worked as a methodologist in The Ministry of Public education.
Since 2014 she has been working at a high educational establishment. She is a PhD on Pedagogy and author of more than 40 articles and 3 books on methodology of Teaching foreign languages and also a dictionary for B1 level learners.
Also, she participated in different projects, as “TFT” and “Researchers Connect “.
She is hard working person, always ready to create new Approaches and methods in Teaching foreign languages.