Elena Sartakova 

Director Novosibirsk college of chemical technologies after D.I.Mendeleev


Tel:        +7 (913) 912 88 79

Fax:       +7 (383) 266 00 44



Elena Sartakova graduated from the department of Mechanics and Mathematics in Tomsk State University with qualifications of mathematician and teacher. Also she received qualification of economist at Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management and was involved in Presidential Training Program for Administrative staff implemented by Novosibirsk State University.

Laureate of Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of Education.

Chairperson of the Federal Educational and Methodical Association in Chemical Technologies under the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

Member of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science Council of Federal Educational Standards for VET Schools (head of the working group on VET), 2009-2013.

Advisor in the field of vocational education at Federal Institute of Education Development.

Regional expert of EU Projects: Delphi II Tacis “Development of Educational Links and Professional and Higher Education Initiatives”; TEMPUS “Ecological Education  for Belarus, Russia and Ukraine EcoBRU”.

Member of International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA) and Russian Union of VET Schools.

Advisor in the Regional Committee on implementation of training programs for Administrative staff for Russian Economy.

Member of Advisory Council in vocational education and professional training at the State Duma Committee on Education of the Russian Federation.

Leader of the working group on occupational and educational standards development.



Olga Chubrikova

College Teacher


Tel. +7 (383) 266-00-44

Being the Head of IT Department Olga Chubrikova is responsible for re-engineering the College programs using Learning Outcomes. Besides she has extensive teaching experience in graduate courses. In 2017 got the Certificate of Professional Regional Expert in WorldSkills Russia in the area of Web and multimedia development. Olga Chubrikova has background knowledge of developmental practices and educational theories, proficient in Web Design, uses ICT in teaching. She has a number of publications in local journals devoted to implementation of alter-forms in teaching professional-purposed courses. Now she is a college team member of the project “Piloting ECVET to the national VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan / RUECVET”.

The expertise areas are IT-Technologies, Vocational Education, and Training.


Lilia Yudina

College Teacher


Tel. +7 (383) 266-00-44


A college teacher in English with over twenty years’ experience in the field of Adult Education and ESP. Lilia Yudina combines two educational aptitudes in academic career – Lecturing and Research. She is one of the authors and teachers of the continuous professional development course within the EU project EcoBRU implemented in Russia. Lilia Yudina Has the experience of participating in numerous seminars and webinars concerning Methods of Teaching in Professional Schools and a representative of NCCT at national summits and educational meetings. Since 2011 holds the position of the Internal Quality Assurance Auditor. Has some publications on the Problems of Teaching English in Professional Schools and awarded by Local Educational Authorities. Now she is a college team member of the project “Piloting ECVET to the national VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan / RUECVET”.

The expertise areas are Teaching Foreign Languages.