What is the RUECVET project all about?

The overall aim of the Erasmus+ CBHE project RUECVET: Piloting ECVET in the National VET System of Russia and Uzbekistan is to create a Higher Education (HE) and Vocational Education & Training (VET) platform for piloting the European Credit System for Vocational Education Training (ECVET)  in the national educational system of the two partner countries (Russia & Uzbekistan), in order to promote and facilitate compatibility, comparability and complementarity of  VET qualifications.

The project objectives are as follows:

  • To create a set of recommended tools and procedures for adopting ECVET in HE & VET  institutions  in Russia and Uzbekistan;
  • To raise awareness about the benefits of ECVET through a number of highly targeted dissemination and exploitation activities culminating in the development of four national ECVET Training Centers – 2 in Russia (RSVPU & TSU)  and 2 in Uzbekistan (KSPI & NukSPI) established on the base of acknowledged HEIs providing VET teacher training;
  • To develop a network of national and transnational key HE & VET institutions for facilitating and supporting the implementation of ECVET in Russia and Uzbekistan;
  • To train VET teachers and other key stakeholders regarding the use and benefits of ECVET;
  • To create a collection of resources and training materials intended to support the national training centers and stakeholders for the transfer and implementation of ECVET in Russia and Uzbekistan;
  • To develop a roadmap (policy report) of ECVET evolution in Russia and

For the implementation of the RUECVET project a transnational consortium has been developed between 11 key HE and VET institutions, from 3 European Member States (Cyprus, Malta and Latvia) and two Partner Countries (Russia and Uzbekistan), which are strategically positioned to facilitate and promote the piloting of ECVET in the national VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan while capitalizing on the previously acquired experience of HEIs in the application of EU instruments for transparency and mobility (ECTS).

For more project information please visit the prroject website at www.ruecvet.uz

 Louiza Papaloizu