Dilnoza Shavkatovna Khodjaeva

Vice rector on scientific affairs

E-mail: Ilmiybulim@umail.uz

Tel. +99894 5588108

Dilnoza SHAVKATOVNA KHODJAEVA was born on the 19th of January in 1967 in Kokand, Uzbekistan. After graduating Kokand State Pedagogical Institute named after Muqimi, she began to work as a scientific researcher of Tashkent State pedagogical institute in 1989-1991. She worked as a teacher of Russian language at the Kokand State Pedagogical Institute in 1995-2002. In 2000 she defended her candidate of science dissertation. she worked  at Kokand State Pedagogical Institute as a head of Russian language and literature department from 2000  until 2005,. Since 2008  she has been working as a Vice rector on scientific affairs in Kokand State Pedagogical Institute . During her working career, she has supervised 1 manual, 20 educational materials, 5 thesis, 8 articles in national journals.

Now she is a team member of the  project “Piloting ECVET to the national VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan / RUECVET” .

Sabo Akhmadaliyeva Murodovna

English language and literature department

E-mail: saboakhmad@gmail.com

Tel. +99890 6286966

FB https://www.facebook.com/sabo.ahmadalieva.


Nowadays she is working at English language and literature department. She has a professional experience with international organizations such as British Council, UNDP, with Ministries of Public and Higher and Secondary Special Education, Fond Forum, Estedod. She has International experience as a trainee in Qualification Improvement Training in the College of International Exchange in Shanghai University.  She is the winner of Fond Forum competition on education projects. In 2006 in the national championship among English Language Teachers Sabo Akhmadalieva  won the first degree prize in the nomination “The Best English Language Teacher of the Year 2006”. Moreover, she was given the honorable title of “Xalq ta’limi alochisi”(“The Excellent Teacher of People’s Education”) by the Ministry of Education of our country.

Now she is a team member of the  project “Piloting ECVET to the national VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan / RUECVET”.

Hargiza Babaeva Muzaffarovna

Head of Quality Assurance department

Tel.:  +9(890) 556-08-65
e-mail: bonu0676@mail.ru


Graduated from  Ferghana Polytechnic Institute,  Economics and management (specialty: engineer-economist). 2007-2010 – Applicant of the Banking and Finance Academy of Uzbekistan, Tashkent (Candidate of Economic Sciences). The winner of the republican Olympiad in the Russian language among school leavers (2nd place).PrivacyTerms,2011 – awarded with the badge “Excellent worker of public education” 2011 – a grantee of the certificate for the right to improve qualifications abroad, issued by the Istedod Foundation. The winner of the Republican contest “The Best Teacher” among the teachers of universities. Attended the courses of pedagogical retraining of personnel at  Namangan Engineering and Pedagogical Institute, the courses for improving the qualifications of the economics teachers at the Ferghana University, “Management in Management and Education” Tashkent, the State Scientific and Methodological Center, “Targeted Training of Reserve Personnel” Tashkent.