Kokand State Pedagogical Institute

Kokand State Pedagogical InstituteKokand State Pedagogical Institute (KSPI) was established in 1931 as a pedagogical higher education institution. Nowadays there are 6 faculties, 23 chairs and 20 Bachelor’s Degree Programs, 6 Master’s Degree Programs at the institute. Now totally 5540 students study and regular academic staff consists of 447 professors and teachers, 21 of them have PhD degrees, 114 are science candidates and docents.

KSPI key activities include preparing specialists (teachers) for General (schools), Secondary and Post-Secondary (colleges) and Higher (universities) levels of education; improving the qualification of teachers; offering Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs with focus on the current and future demands of the labor market.

For implementation the Resolution of the Ministry of the Higher and Secondary Education “Organizing innovative corporate cooperation among HEIs, science and production”, KSPI has joined innovative groups, in which 154 professors-teachers, prominent scientists, experts, gifted students, representatives of industry are included.

KSPI cooperates with 57 colleges and 3 academic lyceums, which located in the Ferghana region. General specializations of colleges and lyceums are: Pedagogy, Agriculture, Medicine,  Road Construction, Building, IT and Economics. Each year KSPI has been organizing the training courses for 2700 teachers of VET approximately in natural, social-humanitarian, philological subjects, etc.

Today in KSPU, the basic principles of the Bologna Declaration have been implemented.  Our university is one of the first universities where the ECTS was introduced. The introduction of the credit system allowed contribute comparison of national and international training programs; facilitate the movement of students and teachers in schools in different countries; ensure mutual recognition of diplomas; to enjoy all the variety of information; access to new knowledge. On further improvement and development ECTS the university is constantly working to expand and strengthen links with major educational and scientific centers abroad.