At the beginning of 2019, the Coordinator of Navoi RUECVET team, prof. S. Imomkulov and its members N. Rakhimova and N. Ibodullaeva organized two workshops: one with the regional stakeholders and leading bodies of Navoi Vocational Education Department and the second with the vocational teachers of Navoi Technical and Economic Professional College. The main aim of both workshops was to disseminate and exploit the project outcomes and results while promoting the national network of ECVET throughout the vocational educational establishments. The Project Coordinator prof. S. Imomkulov and other experts of Navoi team gave the general overview about the goals and objectives of the ECVET system providing the participants with general information about RUECVET and shaping some perception about the scope of work and activities done within the project.

Within the framework of the workshop, the working group of NSPI stated that it already held 3 seminar-trainings on 3310300 – “Metallurgy”, 3310200 – “Electric Power Engineering” and 33330200 – “Computer and Software Engineering” in the vocational colleges in Navoi region explaining the methodology for allocating credits in the example of the Study Program Profiles (college courses modified into ECVET system). Also, during the workshop, N. Rakhimova participated with the presentation titled “Experimental Testing of European Credit System (ECVET) in Secondary specialized vocational education systems of Uzbekistan and Russia”. Moreover, she was in charge of presenting the Uzbek version of Master Guide which was jointly developed within the specialists of Cyprus, Malta, Latvia and Russia to serve as an essential manual for VET instructors of Uzbekistan to expand their knowledge on ECVET and how it works, the ECVET key principles and technical features, how to develop units of learning outcomes for geographical mobility and life-long learning and the piloted methodology within the RUECVET project etc. It was stated by the presenter that Master Guide may be used as an initial source and guidebook for ECVET training which will provide Uzbek VET instructors with the valuable cross-cultural experience and knowledge on ECVET. Furthermore, it was stated that the manual can be used not only by VET teachers, but policy makers, national qualification system stakeholders and HEI instructors with a link to the VET sector as well.

Another member of Navoi team N. Ibodullaeva presented the participants of the workshop the information about the presidential resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 6, 2017 “On approval of the state educational standards of general secondary and secondary vocational, professional education”. She stated that the following study programs existed in the college curriculum are already approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of the state educational standard of secondary special and vocational education.

During the dissemination process the audience got immersed to all activities done by the project members and showed their high interest towards the project work packages by asking questions related to the project.

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